Mineral fertilizers

from the PJSC "AGRARIAN FUND" PJSC “AGRARIAN FUND” offers a wide range of Ukrainian nitrogenous fertilizers with immediate shipment and the possibility of deferred payment

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Range of mineral fertilizers from PJSC "AGRARIAN FUND"
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Advantages of nitrogenous fertilizers

Our products stand out not only for its first-class quality, but also for a list of other advantages over similar products from other manufacturers
Ukrainian products
Products of Ukrainian production have significant advantages over analogues of foreign manufacturers
Convenient payment method
Ability to pay for mineral fertilizers with grain
An extensive network
An extensive network of warehouses covering the entire territory of Ukraine (33 warehouses in 18 regions of Ukraine)
Flexible prices
Reasonable prices and flexible pricing system

Stages of contracting

The buyer’s application is sent to the stock exchange and to the main office of the PJSC "AGRARIAN FUND"
Conclusion of the contract
Bidding and contracting
Payment according to contract terms
Power of attorney
Receiving a power of attorney from a buyer
Preparation and delivering of transfer permit of purchased fertilizers from the PJSC "AGRARIAN FUND"