Forward Program


What is the Forward Program?

One of the main instruments of AGRARIAN FUND is signing of forward contracts. Every year AGRARIAN FUND purchases about 1 million tonnes of grain by means of forward contracts. The main purpose of the joint financing program is to support small and medium scale agricultural producers, to create a convenient system of obtaining funds for farmers. Forward contract – provision of financing and / or mineral fertilizers with paying off with cultivated wheat after harvest. Cash – in the structure of providing financing up to 50% of the contract amount. The pledge is the grain of the 2020 crop. Pledge type:
Commodity agricultural receipt (120% of the contract amount)
Financial agricultural receipt (120% of the contract amount)
Pledge of the future crop (150% of the contract amount)
Delivery of the crop – EXW partner elevator or CPT

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Advantages of the forward program

Key requirements

Payment terms

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Advance payment

70-100% of the delivery cost

Interest rate

11% including exchange rate fluctuations

The minimum lot

The minimum product lot we consider