PJSC "Agrarian Fund" could provide financing to agrarians at the land market startup - Andriy Radchenko

According to Andriy Radchenko, the Chairman of the Board of the enterprise, PJSC "Agrarian Fund" could finance agrarians at the land market startup. He expressed this opinion in an interview with THEPAGE, answering questions about the further work of the enterprise, provided that the land issue is resolved in Ukraine. 

“When it comes to, for example, financing farmers to buy land, the state can help with the resource. That is, it can allocate money for the purchase of land and give the land with payment in installment in order for the individual to pay off the price and interest. But if an individual has money, then it is possible to repay early. PJSC “Agrarian Fund”, having no fixed assets, is actually a bank. That is, we can be compared to a bank. If we are talking about creating a new bank, here is the question of whether to create another new bank, if one is already in place. And it works successfully”, Andriy Radchenko said.

The Chairman of the Board added that he knows from his own experience the way, in which the small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises live: “We, at the "Agrarian Fund", have been directly confronted with the problems of farms that lack funding and are unable to attract loans and dispose of land for five years now. A similar situation is in the banking sector. Banks cannot take in the land to provide financing. This creates some problems. It is impossible to attract investments, even if you have land. Working with farmers, we understand that perfectly”.

Andriy Radchenko also noted that Ukrainian farmers are actually waiting for the land market to open: “In 2017-2018, most farmers were asked whether they supported the land market opening. The survey was conducted as part of a project organized by USAID. Thus, the support for the land market opening reached 79%. That is, if we remove the associations, politicians and go directly to the farmers, we will get maximum support for the market opening”.


Press Service of PJSC "Agrarian Fund"