Transfer of "Agrarian Fund" to the concession would be the most favorable for the state - Andriy Radchenko

Transfer of PJSC "Agrarian Fund" to the concession would be the most favorable for the state . Andriy Radchenko, the Chairman of the Board of PJSC “Agrarian Fund”, expressed this opinion in the interview with THEPAGE, answering questions about possible privatization and further fate of the enterprise. 

“We considered three models - privatization, concession and liquidation. We tried to find the benefits for the enterprise, the state, the pros and cons of a particular case. And we came to the conclusion that the concession agreement and transfer of "Agrarian Fund" to the management would be much more interesting to the state. It would also give a serious impetus to the enterprise itself”, Andriy Radchenko said.

The Chairman of the Board added that privatization is inappropriate, because the enterprise does not have its own production facilities: "In our case, there is virtually nothing. "Agrarian Fund" owns the building, tables, and chairs. Our core asset is a number of key people and the experience gained over these five years”.

“I am in favor of the idea of concession. But one should understand that I have been working for this enterprise for almost five years. And, to be honest, that's a pity to eliminate everything we did. What exactly can be the format of transferring of "Agrarian Fund" to the concession? Management with new powers and flexibility, being not less than in the private sector, commits not only to generate profit for investors (in certain proportions - the Ministry of Finance and the concessionaire), but also to maintain stable prices for flour products and provide farmers with fertilizers and loans for sowing. I think it is important to note that the social functions of "Agrarian Fund", defined by the Charter, cannot be reformatted in any way”, the Head of the Enterprise added.

Andriy Radchenko also added that PJSC “Agrarian Fund” has been a profitable enterprise for four consecutive years and is among the top-20 state-owned enterprises in terms of profits, taxes and dividends paid, and top 100-enterprises in terms of taxes paid.


Press Service of PJSC "Agrarian Fund"