PJSC "Agrarian Fund" will finance domestic agricultural producers for 2.5 billion hryvnias within the framework of the 2019 Spring Forward Program

PJSC "Agrarian Fund" is launching the spring campaign of the 2019 Grain Purchase Forward Program. In total, the Company plans to purchase 710 thousand tons of grain, namely: 500 thousand tons of wheat, 100 thousand tons of corn, 50 thousand tons of barley, 30 thousand tons of rye, 10 thousand tons of buckwheat, 10 thousand tons of oats and 10 thousand tons of yellow peas.

According to the preliminary estimates, the amount of advance payments to agricultural producers will be more than 2.5 billion hryvnias. The amount of advance payment shall be set by PJSC “Agrarian Fund” in accordance with the customer rating system, but shall not exceed 65% of the total contracted delivery cost. At the same time, a forward contract is concluded subject to the signing of relevant contracts for the supply of mineral fertilizers, the cost of which will not exceed the amount of advance payment. Thus, an agricultural producer can now not only buy the fertilizers of domestic production, but also exchange them at favorable prices for agricultural products.

The price level, based on which the subscription will be made under contracts, for wheat of the 2nd class - 5,800 hryvnias/t, wheat of the 3rd class - 5,600 hryvnias/t, rye of the 2nd and 3rd classes - 4,000 hryvnias/t, buckwheat of the 2nd and 3ed classes - 7,000 hryvnias/t, barley of the 3rd class - 5,200 hryvnias/t, oats of the 2nd and 3rd classes - 4,200 hryvnias/t, yellow peas of the 1st-3rd classes - 6,200 hryvnias/t, maize of the 3ed class - 4,150 hryvnias/t.

The interest rate on the use of prepayment funds without taking into account the exchange rate fluctuations is from 23% to 25%, with taking into account the exchange rate fluctuations - 15%.

As before, PJSC "Agrarian Fund" will cooperate with large agricultural holdings, small and medium-sized agricultural holdings with successful crop cultivation experience, with a positive credit history and no tax arrears. At the same time, there are certain requirements for the minimum batch volume: for wheat - 100 tons, corn - 100 tons, barley - 50 tons, rye - 50 tons, oats - 50 tons, buckwheat - 30 tons, yellow peas - 30 tons.

Also, PJSC "Agrarian Fund", taking into account the wishes of agricultural producers, expanded the range of fertilizers and sells ammonium nitrate (grade B), urea-ammonia mixture (UAM), urea (grade B), limestone-ammonia saltpeter (LAS), superagro (NP 12:24), diamophos (NPK 10:26:26), and ammonium sulfate (fertilizer).

See the section Forward - 2019 for a complete list of documents required for entering into an agreement with PJSC “Agrarian Fund”. 

Press Service of PJSC "Agrarian Fund"