According to the results of 2017 the income of PJSC "AGRARIAN FUND" amounted to UAH 4.3 billion, net profit - UAH 94.8 million. Fulfillment of the financial plan of the company in terms of net profit is 103.6%.

The relevant information is published on the website of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine (NSSMC).

During 2017 PJSC "AGRARIAN FUND" sold 616,1 thousand tons of grain, produced 252,5 thousand tons of flour. Thus, the Company has increased its share in the Ukrainian flour market from 12.2% to 13%.

According to the results of last year PJSC "AGRARIAN FUND" sold 248.7 thousand tons of flour, of which 19 thousand tons - under export contracts. The Company's share in the market of domestic consumption of flour has increased to 15.6%, and the share in flour export - up to 4.3%.

The sale of flour was carried out both by wholesale and retail parties, in particular in the retail chain under its own brand name.

Also in order to increase the support of domestic agricultural producers in 2017 PJSC "AGRARIAN FUND" began selling mineral fertilizers. Last year, the Company purchased 245.4 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers with a total value of UAH 1.88 billion, of which 61.3 thousand tons were delivered to agricultural producers.

In 2017 PJSC "AGRARIAN FUND" paid taxes, duties and mandatory payments for the amount of UAH 949 million, including dividends - UAH 24.4 million.

It's worth adding that according to the results of 2016 net profit of PJSC "AGRARIAN FUND" amounted to UAH 48.7 million.

Pres-service of PJSC "AGRARIAN FUND"