Th, 8 June, 16:00 - PJSC “AGRARIAN FUND” IS TAKING PART IN “AGRO-2017” EXHIBITION      |      Tu, 6 June, 9:37 - DURING 2017 PJSC “AGRARIAN FUND” FINANCED AGRARIANS ON UAH 1.6 BILLION       |      Tu, 6 June, 9:34 - PJSC “AGRARIAN FUND” is planning to enter the retail market with a brand new products      |      Tu, 21 March, 11:12 - THREE COMPONENTS OF EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT FROM ANDRIY RADCHENKO      |      Mo, 20 March, 11:23 - AGRARIAN FUND PLANS TO SIGN CONTRACTS ON PURCHASING 760 THOUSAND TONS OF GRAIN – ANDRIY RADCHENKO      |      Mo, 6 March, 15:06 - AGRARIAN FUND’S DELEGATION PARTICIPATED IN INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION GULFOOD 2017      |      Th, 26 January, 11:50 - MR. ANDRIY RADCHENKO: “WE FOCUS ON FARMERS AND MEDIUM SCALE BUSINESS”      |      Th, 26 January, 11:19 - PJSC “AGRARIAN FUND” STARTED EXPORTING WHEAT FLOUR TO ANGOLA      |      Mo, 23 January, 14:00 - PJSC AGRARIAN FUND’S SHARE ON THE FLOUR MARKET INCREASED TO 12,2%      |      Mo, 23 January, 13:57 - PJSC AGRARIAN FUND’S INCOME OF 2016 IS 2,14 BILLION UAH       |      


Tu, 6 June, 9:37

PJSC "AGRARIAN FUND" during 2017 forward program financed agricultural producers on UAH 1.6 billion. This was mentioned by Director of Department of Small and Medium Scale Business of PJSC "AGRARIAN FUND" Yuriy Melenchuk during the interview to

"As a result of 2017 forward program 650 thousand tons of grain contracts were concluded and agrarians were financed on UAH 1.6 billion" - said Mr. Melenchuk.

Director of Department added: "During the ongoing spring forward, we are planning to purchase 960 thousand tons of grains. 700 thousand tons of which is food wheat of 2nd and 3rd grades, 200 thousand tons - corn, and 50 thousand tons - rye, and approximately 10 thousand tons of buckwheat."

Yuriy Melenchuk also said that AGRARIAN FUND is starting to work with corn: "Corn is a new product for us." We have started to purchase it only in 2017. AGRARIAN FUND is interested in corn because it is in high demand in domestic and foreign markets. Moreover, AGRARIAN FUND also considers a possibility to produce corn flour in the future."

He also added that forward program had not yet ended and contracts would be concluded as long as AGRARIAN FUND received offers from farmers: "PJSC "AGRARIAN FUND" will continue the forward program as long as the commercial offers would be received and there would be a need to support small and medium agricultural companies."

It is considered that total value of investments from PJSC "AGRARIAN FUND" in 2017 shall reach UAH 2 billion.

Recalling that in 2016 PJSC "AGRARIAN FUND" funded UAH 1.5 billion to agriculture producers.


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