PJSC "Agrarian fund" plans to sell in retail 4-5 thousand tons of wheat flour every month. This was mentioned in the interview to "Agravery" by the Chairman of the Board Mr. Andriy Radchenko.

Mr. Andriy Radchenko said: "We are planning to reach monthly volume up to 4-5 thousand tons of packed wheat flour till April this year. Due to the buyers' feedback product is vended well. Our flour is in demand by Ukrainians".

According to the Chairman of the Board, after entering the retail market in Kyiv and its region, PJSC "Agrarian fund" plans to sell flour under its own brand throughout Ukraine.

Mr. Andriy Radchenko noticed: "At present contracts with Kyiv distributors are already signed and in the nearest future same contracts would be signed with Lviv distributors as well". Besides that we are working with potential distributors that are ready to represent PJSC "Agrarian fund" in all regions of Ukraine".

The Chairman also mentioned that in order to reach this goal, the negotiations with companies processing wheat flour in several regions are held. "We are working on company selection in Western region which would pack our product. This is done for not transporting our product from Kyiv where it is packed to Western regions, as a result we save costs on transportation. Then we plan to find packing companies in East, South and North of Ukraine. And after we manage to pack our product in 5 regions including Kyiv, we can confirm our presence in all regions".

Chairman of the Board also said that PJSC "Agrarian fund" plans to vend buckwheat in retail: "We are working on packing the buckwheat which was purchased by means of last year forward program. Apart from it, we are reviewing the possibility to buy buckwheat in the framework of spot programs. It is expected that we could enter the buckwheat market in one and a half or two months".

As it has been reported earlier, at the end 2015 PJSC "Agrarian fund" entered the retail market of wheat flour.