About us

The Public joint-stock company "Agrarian fund" is a leading operator of the agrarian sector in Ukraine. The mission of the "Agrarian fund" is a maximum assistance to the development of the agrarian production and the potential of producers of agrarian products, ensuring the food and price stability, guaranteeing the food security in the country and the wellbeing of the people.

We work on the basis of state-of-the-art business technologies and a mutually advantageous partnership. The projects of the "Agrarian fund" are oriented at the attraction of finances into the agrarian production, ordering flows of agrarian products on the market and the expansion of population possibilities in the satisfaction of their food needs.

The cooperation with us means stable business expectations and results. Taking into account the specificity of activities and interests of agrarian producers, the PJSC "Agrarian fund" improved the conditions of forward purchases of grain and the conditions of cooperation with insurance companies. Long-term contracts for purchase of grain enable an efficient work of flour-grinding enterprises. Stability in the work of bakeries is guaranteed under contracts on purchase of flour. All this will make it possible to avoid a drastic fluctuation of prices for bakery products.

The Public joint-stock company "Agrarian fund" is a partner of the agrarians, which take care of the development of their business and search new possibilities for this purpose.

The Public joint-stock company "Agrarian fund" is an efficient partner of the business interested in investing its resources into the agrarian sector.

The Public joint-stock company "Agrarian fund" means predictability and reliability for all those considering us their partners.

We are open for constructive ideas, proposals and people! We bear responsibility for our initiatives and obligations! We value the cooperation with all those, who set high the authority of the business and care about the country!